Monday, June 30, 2008

All Hail the SAVIOUR!

It all started when life was getting too complicated. People were offered too many choices. And they could not make the right one. Someone had to rescue them from the misery and the pain. “It’s too difficult. I can’t think right. I don’t know what to do during my free hours. There’s just too many channels to watch. I’m so frustrated that I just want to shut off my TV and sleep”, said one such victim. They couldn’t stand it any longer. Someone had to do something, and quickly. Shutting off the TV? No! That just can’t happen. So they took to the mantle and shook TV out of its slumber. TV would never be the same once they arrived onto the screen. Yes, it’s the rescue squad of Indian TV, the greatest channel there will ever be, INDIA TV!

There’s just too less space to write about them. So here’s just a brief on what to expect on this explosive and mind-blowing channel.

You get up in the morning. You wish to read the newspaper but it has not yet arrived. No worries. India TV is here to save your morning. Tune in and watch how we wake you up so you can have a fresh day ahead and use it productively. Hear the forecast for the day by the wise and mysterious shamans and soothsayers so you can be forewarned about the ‘Ides of March’. Give your body the exercise it needs by following the right fitness gurus of the modern/ancient era and revel in the Indian culture by purifying your soul through the words of the ‘sagacious one.’ You are ready to start your day.

Housewives/husbands need not panic too. India TV has just the shows for you. As the day progresses, you can catch all the latest gossip from the entertainment industry. Who’s with whom, who is not, and why? Get your answers here. The men can satisfy their hunger for sports through the sport features if you missed your Euro yesternight. And yes, nature lovers will get to see the wild and untamed battle it out for survival and Darwinian Theory come to life right here on India TV as they focus on the fauna of the planet.

Tired of the educational stuff? Not to worry, India TV brings the latest ‘Breaking News’, a phrase it has virtually introduced and helped popularize. Catch the latest developments in the Talwar case or listen to some expert views on the nuclear pact and all the latest stories, updated minute by minute, so YOU don’t miss out on ANYTHING! After all, what will you say in your friends’ gathering if you are not updated?

Getting too serious? Have a breather as we dish out the latest comedy show clips for you. Laugh your heart out. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Never mind the world happenings. There are also snippets of cartoons for children. Ever wondered how a magician pulls off a trick? India TV reveals the arcane and secret world of magicians.

Women who have missed your serials and reality shows, India TV will put you out of your misery. There will be a rewind of all the shows so YOU don’t miss out on ANYTHING! Music lovers, hear the latest songs and hot videos here.

There is also something for astronomers and science fiction lovers as we delve into the deep and mysterious world of aliens. There faces, bodies, lives shall be revealed to you and you can hear expert views from both the religious and scientific point of view. As night falls, a recap of all headlines is called for and the latest news is ‘broken’.

ACP Arjun raises awareness through the cruel criminal cases (brought exclusively to you by India TV). Horror freaks, dive into the unreal world of ghosts and the paranormal but remember to sleep tight and be aware. Sweet dreams, and no worries about waking up tomorrow morning.

India TV is here to save your day.

DETAILS: Contact your cable operator for getting this life-saving all in one package of education, drama, comedy, news and stories or this toll free number 01234509876.

Don’t get scared of the operator’s voice. We like to keep it dramatic.

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