Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eye Candid # 2

Well, it seems there are a lot of interesting things going on in the world. As long as people exist, I guess I’ll write.

Anyway, I live in Thane and when my dad got transferred to Himachal, people there laughed when I said I was from Thane, as ‘thane’ also means police station in Hindi. But guess what people would have said if I was from the following places:

Shitterton? No. Not a ton atleast!
Penistone. Ahem, I know only the guitar tone.
Thong. I can only say LOL.
Ugley. A milder cousin of Shitterton. It also has (had) a Ugley Women’s Institute. They complained of low attendance. I wonder why. The name was changed it to Women’s Institute of Ugley. They will still complain, methinks.
Crapstone. Imagine your address. And then laugh.
Slutshole Lane. WHAT?
Butthole Road.

All these places exist and are in England (How ghastlay!). I read this in a local Mumbai tabloid and laughed so much. They even had photos of the signs.

I also read recently that Hitler was a very funny man and loved to crack jokes. Everyone seemed to think so too.

Everyone alive that is.

And last but not the least, Aryan Vaid (Yes, it’s him again) is going to play the role of Duryodhana in Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharata. This role was immortalized by Puneet Issar in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata. We have a more ‘emotional’ Duryodhana this time who might just cosy up to a female co-star for support (if you get the ‘Bigg Boss’ drift).

This version of the epic aims to show all characters in a different perspective, while maintaining the traditions. It’s certainly a start in the 'perspective' area.


Estranged Strangely said...

Pwnage bitch!

Vasavadatta.Y.T said...

To add to your list of fancy place-names, Obama and H.Clinton just got matey at a place called "Unity".
Brilliant PR stunt.