Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eye Candid

Here are some of the things that caught my eye and to some extent, my imagination.

1. A guy walked past me wearing a t-shirt that said,” Real dads don’t read instructions.” I guess that’s why he’s a dad.
2. A group of teenage girls in the US made a pact to get pregnant. They are about 16-18 years of age. One even paid a 24 year old man to do the honours. Well, this just leaves me with a question. Doesn’t the pact exist (though not between the girls themselves). I think its called ‘marriage’.
3. Barack Obama will be more than happy to have Senator Clinton’s full support for his presidential campaign. Only he might have to pay her debts which she acquired during her own failed bid for the White House ticket. That was pretty smart. Hey BO, I’m behind you as long as your money’s behind me.
4. Mr. BO will also have Lord Hanuman for support. A statue of the “Pawan Putra’ will make its way to BO’s camp as apparently, he’s a devotee. Let’s see if he wins or not, shall we?
5. Today is the 25th anniversary of India’s historic win in the 1983 cricket World Cup. While all news channels are busy celebrating the event, today also notes India’s failure to bring home the cup after 25 years (or rather, 6 tournaments) and crores of rupees of investment while Australia, have won it 4 times. By the way, India produces an Australia every year. It’s high time we give importance (meaning money, infrastructure and professional involvements) to other sports. Sorry for the acidic tone, but I’m not much of a fan of cricket.

Anyway, a hearty congratulations to Kapil and co. on their unparalleled (yet) achievement.


Neeraj said...

India mein point no.2 kyun nahi hota?

SSD said...

LOL..hota hai na..wait for 8 more years.. You'll find ur parents ur trying to get uin to that pact ;)

JD said...

man the whole 83 world cup thing is blown out of proportion. I mean, OK, we won it and cricket got popular, but is it entirely necessary for the media to sideline all other news to just focus on something that isn't even relevant any more?? Australia has won it 4 times, you don't see them going over to each ground they won it in and bugging the groundsmen.

One piece of advice for the media and the 83 team: GET OVER IT.. There are things far more important in the world.

kartik said...

sure there are.....but if u keep focussing on politics war murders etc the whole world will get bored.......we gotta give gud roo for sports too......u ant blame india for hyping the 83 win......tht's all we've got.......for australia its just another good year.....