Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sarkar Raj review

I watched Sarkar Raj last week and here’s my take on it.

It starts with the introduction of a proposal to set up a power plant in rural Maharashtra. The proposal is forwarded by a rich NRI businessman who is looking for ways to cut through the red tape. He sends hi daughter Anita (Aishwarya) to meet up with ‘Sarkar’ by the CM of Maharashtra. Sarkar rebuffs her plan as it would have caused the displacement of 40,000 people of Thakarwadi. But Shankar (AB Jr.) sees this as a long term investment for the ‘tarakki of Maharashtra’. Together, they embark on a journey to convince people about the project and garner support. They are then met with opposition from a rabble rousing young leader of Thakarwadi, Somji. The film then goes on about how the project was a part of a bigger game for power (and this not referring to the one which would have been produced by the plant) and politics. Oh ya, there is also Dilip Prabhavalkar as AB’s mentor pitching in a miniscule but god performance. After the Gandhi act, this one was, well, to say the least, different. I won’t spoil it because it’s one of the better films of the year.

The film is well shot and the cinematography is excellent, though it did seem a bit too dark in some shots. Dialogues are written well enough, but it gets tiring to hear them being delivered as a lecture as if to instruct the people on politics, especially during the journey to the villages. Some scenes exude brilliance, like the last one (go watch it, I won’t reveal what it is) and some are downright silly (the one with AB and Aishwarya Rai towards the end). Initially, AB is almost relegated to a vegetable as AB Jr. seeks to put things right to empower his cause for the project with the ‘Main sab sambhaal loonga’ line coming up several times, which makes you think why AB has taken up the role. Don’t worry; you will get the answers later.

The background score is awesome, and apt to the situations. Hats off to Amar Mohile (I think??).

I kind of predicted the end after 2/3rd of the film was done but my friend said that was too silly to be true. But it was and that was a bit of a dampener but otherwise, the film is pretty good.

PS: I’ve been told to reveal more in my ‘reviews’ by some. I promise to do so if I find it to be bad. :)

And yeah, next article won't be a review, so relax. ;)

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Aditya Mundle said...

mmm.. i found the background score pretty score pretty dull as compared to last time..
Rest of the review is quite synonymous with mine...