Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Clear Deal?

Anxiously counting down to the final outcome of the most talked about pact in recent Indian history, I can not help but equate the UPA’s state to a mother whose child is hell-bent on getting his way. The Left, after weeks and months of threats has decided to pull out their support which will cause the downfall of the UPA government provided they fail to gather support from other parties.

About the deal itself, I know not much about it but I certainly know that it will certainly help India progress and that the proclivity of the deal towards India’s interests is almost unbelievable. Uncle Sam has recognized India’s potential as a powerful player in world politics (if not a superpower) and thus is prepared to offer their resources to assist in the process. But as usual, like in every democracy, someone has a problem.

This time, it’s the Communists. They feel the deal will leave India at the mercy of the US. But every pro has a con. Every coin has two sides. If the deal is done, the degree of technological advancements in the power, defense, science etc. will be so large that the aforementioned ‘risk’ has to be taken. The deal should go through or we would have squandered yet another chance of progress, like we have in the past. We have the tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot and then crib about it later. Anyway, this is not about the past.

The UPA has now realized that the Left is not the only ones with seats. The SP and RLD have agreed to support the deal and bail the government out and prevent early elections. SP has 39 seats in the Lok Sabha and Mr. Mulayam Singh has met the Congress and held talks. I think we have had enough of Prakash Karat’s antics and that he has to be shown the door if he wants to leave.

If the govt. manages to hold its own, it shall be a slap in the face for the Left and they will be truly ‘left’ out, trying to heal their wounds and their egos. Here’s looking forward to a deal between SP and UPA.

Mr. PK, kindly take your support and go home. You will need it to mend your broken ego.

Let the child be abandoned. Unlike real life where the child usually has his way.

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