Thursday, July 3, 2008


Finally Euro is over and it’s a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnggg time since, to be writing about it. But I wish to thank some people who made it possible for me to enjoy the tournament.

First, I thank Mr. Steve McLaren and the entire English team for NOT qualifying for the Euro and making life easy for (non English) football fans in India. Had England qualified, I would have had to wake up everyday in the morning having to look at the ‘expert’ analysis of the world’s most overrated team everyday. Trust me, newspapers in India are obsessed with everything that is British, walks on two legs and kicks a ball.
Newspaper people, get some real writers for football. Your people suck. Get someone whose area of interest and expertise expands beyond ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Not to mention the hoopla the news channels would have made over them and their WAGS. And they are not exactly great at the game either.

Coming to the WAGS, even without the English, the media still did show lots of pictures of them posing in, ahem, less clothes. Might seem good eye candy for once but later you get sick of it. You don’t want to see them on TV when there are so many other mouthwatering prospects (read ‘matches’) on offer. HToday compared the WAGS of Holland and Italy when their match was to be played later that night. Are they going to play? So WAGS, thank you for showing up in solid support for your better halves.

Russia, thank you for defeating Holland (*sobs) and bringing them back to reality.

Turkey, thank you for showing me that it’s never over until you say it’s over. I bow to you.

France, all I can say is LOL and thank you for not going through (ya right!). I would have had to skip your matches.

And lastly, Spain, thank you for winning the cup and reaffirming my faith in Spanish football. You rock.

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Aggie M said...

You commented ! :)
College is pretty vile if you are in the Chem Dept with Umre at the helm of things.He makes a dodo seem sagely.
TOI sucks. All those WAG's bring out hidden anorexic tendencies in the highly susceptible female population anyways.