Thursday, August 21, 2008

Akhand Katwagiri!

Two weeks have thus passed since our wing has been renamed the AK wing. We are a collection of 'katwas' of the whole Insti. By the way, katwa = a person with perennial bad luck everywhere. It's a euphemism for loser. Fatbaby, dukkar,tubelight, jaggu, me, dedhia and ugam. Some instances to help support the aforementioned conclusion:
1. Fatbaby orders omlette in mess. It takes time to arrive. He is hellbent on shouting on top of his voice at the mess guy. As soon as he warms up and gets ready, the mess guy arrives and all hopes of an entertaining encounter are lost. Fatbaby has fallen short of English cutoffs consecutively by 1 mark. Same with me for DI.
2. Dedhia's interview disasters continue to persist. He's been downed by 4 interviews and a GD( though still going strong).
3. I joined the wing only this year and the bad luck has taken over my life too. I was leading in a quiz (one place I generally win) and last round was a double or nothing. The other team doubled and I ended up with nothing.
4. On more than one occasion, on a very sunny day, it has rained the moment we left the hostel for a trip or a ride.
5. Dukkar's carom exploits are now famous. He is notoriously unlucky in the game and the queen seems to evade him always (and not only in the game). Ahemmm, Cognizant anyone?
6. Jaggu lost yesterday in carom inspite of being an excellent player.
7. Tubelight was given this very moniker, a quality which his friends failed to notice for the last 2 years.
8. Newsletter ahoy! Nowhere in sight. Thanks to LMG. (This issue has now been sorted out. One more is left. HTT has his say in that)
9. I lent my cam to a senior. He has conveniently forgotten to return the USB cable.
10. Fatbaby's name was omitted from the roll list and his DD was misplaced. LOL.
I remember only the milder instances. More AK next time!

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