Monday, August 4, 2008

(Mess)Food for Thought!

Well, its been a while since I wrote, primarily because of lack of internet access (ahem, LAN wires). I've been thinking of what to write about as the first few weeks of college are truly useless. That too, in a city where virtually nothing happens. Welcome to 'Sleepy Haollow'.
One thing I did find entertaining was the trust vote day. But for the fact that TV was unavailable, I would have been glued to it, anxiously waiting for the results. Some MPs were simply ignorant about what the N-Deal was. Well, RG, himself didn't know what IAEA was. Pure entertainment. As I said, news channel = complete package. For more details, check the article on India TV.

I wonder what the horses would like to say about all the allegations? I think India TV would very well like to cover the story if they can find a person to do it.

Lastly, (and mostly out of the blue), think about this line:

" A rich man's joke is always funny."


Vasavadatta.Y.T said...

"Sleepy Haollow".

Aggie M said...

At home, and the TV's conked out coz of the trains. Crummy irony or what!?
Severe shock.
Mess "food" indeed :)