Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rock On Review

All you (rich) rockers, this is your story. Band formed, band rocked for a few years, band disintegrates due to ego hassles, band reformed.

Its basically the story of a band called Magik(Ekta Kapoor anyone?) and their journey. As youngsters, they just go places, play their music, have fun and have no worries in the world. They have pot loads of money (Ibanez Jem, Line 6 amps, PODs, Gibson guitars, Fenders flying around everywhere, Tama drumkits, Sabian cymbals and what not). They win a chance to record an album and then screw it up because the lead guitarist Joe(Arjun Rampal) thinks that Aditya(Farhan Akhtar) is hogging the limelight. 10 years later, Adi(the investment banker) is still fighting the 'demons' of past(Please!), thereby playing with his marital life and his lovely wife Sakshi(Prachi Desai). The other two members KD(Purab Kohli) and Rob(Luke Kenny) are hanging around in the same city.

The reunion is successful and they get another shot at the same album recording. But 'Fate' has another ace(rather 2 aces) up its sleeve. Rob has brain tumor(after all the ganja sessions) and Joe, the 'poor' man of the band has to leave for a cruise job as a musician which pays a hell lot.

The story has nothing much to offer and the only noticeable performances were Purab Kohli and Farhan Akhtar(to some extent). The girls are purely for eye candy( which is necessary) i.e Debbie(the nagging wife), the ex and the friend. The plotholes are so big that you can drive a truck through them. Here is a list.

1. Arjun Rampal has an Ibanez Jem which costs about Rs. 90000. Add to that the equipment and the total comes upto about 1.5 lakh. Plus he has a whole range of acoustic guitars. And he's supposed to be poor.
2. Why does Farhan Akhtar leave his girlfriend?
3. The logical thing to do was to record the first album and then put in the special ballad in the second album. But no, you have to fight and screw your chance for fame and money.
4. Frankly, I think Farhan did little wrong. Arjun 'lead guitar' Rampal picked a fight for no reason. And to think that his girlfriend had her hopes up of a chance at styling the video when the channel has a host of designers at their beck and call.

1. The band singing Zehreele are all Indian musicians. Vox = Suraj Jaggan (Dream Out Loud), guitars = Chandresh Kudawa.Also Dream Out Loud(Amazing guitars. Listen to the solo in Zehreelay)
2. Arjun Rampal can barely play the chords. He can't play any solos.
3. Luke Kenny is a VJ and was the judge at Channel [V] Launchpad( the very contest referred to in the film, except that they don't offer a record deal).
4. No Indian rock concert is as crowded as shown in the film. There are barely 200 people at the shows.

Coming to the music of the film, its pretty much standard rock n' roll, so it's nothing to brag about. Sindbad the Sailor starts exactly as Highway Star (Deep Purple) and has all the qualities of a typical Hindi rock song. The title track and 'Teri Meri Baatein' are the only good songs in the film. Tum ho toh(Debbie's ballad) is worth a listen.

The film is barely watchable. Don't blow your money on the multiplexes. Watch it on your comps.


Vasavadatta.Y.T said...

"The girls are purely for eye candy"

So were the guys, I say. Hot, good-looking guys in a bollywood movie. Nice, refreshing change after seeing Ranbir Kapoor/Shorey etc cavorting about on sreen.

Movie was not as ghastly as you said. But, yes, one would most certainly exercise thrift by not blowing up 100 bucks on a multiplex ticket when you can get the dvd rip for free. Esp not if you have to sit in the 1st row. :)

Vasavadatta said...

Addendum to plothole list:

5. When the lead guitarist goes on stage to play his guitar the wind very conveniently blows in a direction to keep the hair off his face, even when he is head-banging.

6. Datar might know this better, but are there cordless electric guitars? With wireless transmission etc? And advanced modulation techniques? The last song has rampal executing perfectly randon brownian motion, covering large,large,large distances with no wire trailing on the ground behind him. But then again, I dunno enough to pass this comment.

7. Adi's wifey dearest is such a loser. No woman with any trace of self respect would tolerate a guy like her husband.

8. Like Datar points out,Aditya just walks out on his girlfriend because a guitarist gives him a black eye? Eh, what?

9. The girl reacts to this idiotic dumping by crying, ripping photos, (demonstrating some verry bad acting in the process--who's she, btw? didnt catch her name) and then conveniently forgetting about this guy. She then proceeds to marry a guy who once threatened him in a Hell's Angel-esque manner. Sweet revenge, or what?

10. Aditya, broken-heartedly, leaves Mumbai for Delhi before you can say "Rock On". Isn't he a student in some college or the other? My dad would throw me out of the house if I ran away from Nagpur to Bangalore, that too for a reason like someone socked me on the eye.

11. They get to keep 7 out of the 8 original songs, and they have to throw out the song Joe wrote? Throw out another song, for God's sake, if this makes you fight so much.

12. Everyone is a talented singer. Including Adi's wife. Heart rending rendition she gives.

13. A rock band practices in an apartment ka living room. Neighbours don't complain though. Sahi soundproofing hai ghar me.

Enough now. No more commenting. I'm getting carried away and writing more and more.

Vasavadatta said...

One more thing i forgot to mention. The stupidest, dumbest, idioticest, most brainless part of the movie.
14. Joe's taxi has to stop somewhere within walking distance of the gig venue. And he can get on stage with a perfectly tuned, and plugged in(?) instrument within 30 seconds of getting out of his taxi. No wonder we don't win medals at the Olympics. SAI, take note.

karthik said...

well dude u need the accept the fact that it is a hindi movie,so the faults that u and vasava so intelligently pointed out exist but pale in comparision to the movie.
rock on i have to admit is a movie that talks more than just the story of rich guys you are talking portrays life today as it is, full of compromises and materialistic in shows that true happiness can never be achieved unless ur doing what u like and how much ever u succeed in life it useless unless u have friends whom u can share it with.

the music to a person like me who has never really listened to rock music sounded was a change from the normal music u s=come across in hindi movies .i think bands in india should attempt to do something new rather than play the english ones which few have hrd.

kartik said...

are yaar, you've gone all out to pick potholes in a movie tht's not abt the plot. Yes the small details like a costly ibanez guita seem significant to you, but the public wont recognise it. it;s a bllywood movie. it needs to make money else porducers wont finance such films. the songs are very pop -ish in nature but then again this isnt a tribute to rock. its an entertainment film. the cinematography was diff when comparred to others in bollywood. Better this thn singh is kinng i'd say. dont you think so?