Saturday, September 20, 2008

Those Were The Days.....

Hmm. Back after a long gap, it feels good to be writing again. Final year blues set in after each event in college gets over. And believe you me, it doesn't feel good when it happens. So this one might seem a bit morose and dull to some of the people. Here's one about the progress of a child's life in our country.

Year 0 : You are born. Enjoy your time baby cause it's going to last very few years.
Year 1-7 : Still enjoying. Amma and Appa getting fidgety about how the little tyke is going to turn out to be.
Year 8-10 : The nagging virus hits the parents. Symptoms are known to be highly irritating and produce unpredictable results in children. Disease highly contagious. May be caught if staying in vicinity of any similar species.
Year 10-14 : The coaching class and camp virus attack. Children are known to suffer from fatigue.
Year 15 : Child enters 10th class and his life gets ruined. Notes, question papers, study material rain upon the poor chap. Amma says," Study now Beta. You can enjoy your college life." Appa nods along.
Year 16-18: Child is in 11th and 12th class. Amma repeats the same mantra. Appa still nodding along. Tuition fee triples. Time for enjoyment and rest halves.
Year 18-22: Child is in graduationg university. Amma says, " Study now beta and get a job. You can enjoy your life after graduation."
Year 23-29: Job takes over from studies. Boss takes from Amma. But the mantra remains the same. Wife/girl added to life. Troubles and tension multiply, in that order.
Year 30- 60: Slog your butts off boss, lest you be left behind in the race against time and the race for money. Children appear. Mantra remains the same.
Year 61: You finally get time for yourself. Or so you thought. Grandchildren handed over to you for caretaking. Enjoy your new job for the next 10 years.

I won't write further because I can't. I'm sick of the academic situation in our country where only engg/medicine are respected professions. It feels horrible to be one among the lakhs of people graduating every year of which 80% of the people don't know what they did just 4 years back. I'm one of them.