Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hilake, Milake Nahi!!!!!!

If you are wondering what the hell the title is all about, just translate literally and you’ll arrive at the world famous drink that James Bond drinks. Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Just caught this bit on TV and felt I had to spew some venom on this.

It’s always nice to see any dubbing of a film, book or a show for a producer. It’s an indication that his work is get5ting more popuropurlar film, book or a show for a producer. Its an indicator ting more popular and is reaching out to a wider audience. But the cultural costs at which these dubbings are made are huge almost amounting to blasphemy. Take Hollywood films for instance. Now a good film like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl becomes Samundar ke Lutere. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone becomes Tilismi patthar (I’m not too sure) and Goblet of Fire becomes Aag ka Pyaala! I’m not actually against dubbing at all. I’m all for cultural identity and localization. But please keep the names intact. Gryffindor has become Garuddwaar and Slytherin Nagshakti. Would we have kept quiet if the West had made an English Mahabharatha and changed Krishna to Chris and Arjun to Adam?

One more thing I hate is the Indianisation of cartoons. For those of us who grew up on Dexter and Swat Kats, we can’t bear to look at the unholy, crappy Hindi versions on offer. Mahabilla Shahar, Bade Miaow, Chhote Miaow, the incredible list goes on. The dubbing artists aren’t anything to brag about too with Dexter’s nerdy accent giving way for a vocal horror in the name of dubbing. I’m not much of a fan of the stupid Japanese cartoons the kids watch these days, but my cousins tell me that Hindi versions of the cartoons are, well, shit to put it mildly.

Book translations are always good for the authors and the publishers as it means more income. I know the publishers don’t really care much for the maintenance of quality and standards in the translations, but trust me, I just got my hands on a Hindi Harry Potter (easiest to get) and it is not pretty. Though I couldn’t read more than 2 pages, I hope that at least the names of the houses have been maintained.

And to my utmost dismay, I just happened to catch a glimpse of a Hindi dubbing of Scrubs on SAB. Watching Dr Cox’s tirade in Hindi and JD’s soporific, emotionless and dry monologues and narrations (one of the reasons why the show was so popular) made me think if the guy (Hindi guy) was actually getting paid for this or was a gun held to his head and a microphone to his mouth.

All said and done, I just wish the TV would return to normal behaviour after the horrendous atrocities that are the news channels and the 3rd degree torture that are the reality shows and the saas bahu sagas.

How I long for those long gone school holidays when I used to play in the morning and watch Medical Detectives in the afternoon and then Swat Kats at 4 pm. Bring back the long lost cartoons and the shows of yore, because the crap pile just gets bigger and bigger in the TV.


Vasavadatta said...

I saw Jurassic Park in hindi in a theater in Bhilai. In the movie, Sam Neil (thats what his name was, i think) refers to the dinosaur as "badi chipkali", as in "Bhaago, bhaago badi chipkali hamare peeche hai" etc. An insult to the species, indeed.

Another funny thing is the english subtitling of hindi movies. The english is so hopelessly bad, you end up reading the subtitles throughout the movie. Believe me, it is truly entertaining. My favorite: "Tu nasamajh hai!" = "You are thinkless!"

TV watching nowadays is a bore. Every channel has some kind of (un)reality show or singing contest playing, you just dont wanna watch. None of their contestants can ever live up to Sunidhi Chauhan on Meri Awaaz Suno. I really miss the shows we watched while were kids, like Surabhi.

karthik said...

i agree and i find it dismal.however there is a class of audience who watches it and enjoys it. perhaps we ppl can never really appreciate it coz we are used to watching in its original form.

Rebecca said...

Tell me about it... who likes hearing tweety say "lagta hai maine billa mama dekha" (i taut i taw a puddy tat)

and the worst is watching the all-time theme songs dubbed... "dexter ki labratory, jahan ye bacha sabse hoshiyaar...aur deedee uske experiments karti hai bekaar...yada yada" (not that the words are bad, just that we all love the original version)

i hated it when the entire series of "Cartoon Cartoons" changed to hindi...

however, some cartoons like captain planet did well even in hindi... didn't make much of a difference...

and in the addams family, 'thing', 'lurch' and 'cousin It' had weird names which i cant remember right now...

but i heard there are many people (children) who LIKE watching hindi-dubbed cartoons.. considering the fact that the moment you call your cable operator and ask him to change it to english (this was before dish tv came into the picture) within the next few minutes its in hindi again and when you ask him he says he just got another call asking to change it to hindi... so, well, we cant really help it. (...and this was just about cartoons, don't get me started on movies)

P.S. the "badi chipkali" thing (comment) is so funny...