Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hostel Block 1

I know this is a pretty ordinary post. In fact, there is actually not much of meaning in this.

There is a strange aura to this place. It is situated virtually out of the campus, almost on the boundary walls. But the amount of history that goes with this place is simply amazing. I happened to come to this place purely by chance.

All of my friends were going for the NBH (new boys' hostel). I was the only one suggesting that we take HB 1 so that we could atleast stay together, as there was no guarantee that we all would get into the NBH with 210 applicants and 169 rooms. And my fears were only to come true. I got shunted to block 1 while all my other friends proceeded to go to the NBH. Me and Chandu were the only ones from my old friends' circle. But little did I know that my life was to change forever.

The place (henceforth to be referred so) welcomed me with open arms. I found new friends, went to many places I didn't even know existed. And of course, my yellow to white to green to all out incident is pretty well known. Enough about me. This one is for the place. Here is a list of things why you should stay in Block 1 atleast once in your life.

1. Location: Absolutely strategic and perfect for any bloody mischief you want to pull off without getting caught.
2. The B-Wing: One of the best people ever to come to VNIT, the B-Wing is a remnant of what used to be a really good place for ragging, music, books, geeks and the party loving people. The B-Wing legacy is a hard act to follow, since they have been pioneers of almost every club in the Insti be it Octaves, QPC or Club Capture. Also, the pungi dance is probably the best entertainment you will ever get in the auditorium of VNIT.
3. Ramesh Bhaiyya's food: The food at HB 1 is the best I have ever had in VNIT. My journey in VNIT has been from 8 to 6 to 2 to 1. I am told that HB 7 has the best food. But for me, 1 still rocks. Plus, being a few final years, we get special treatment. The block practically belongs to us. I shall never forget the shrikhand feasts, the ice creams, and the pizzas.
4. Bastards/Jugaad: It is an unwritten rule that you turn into a bastard once you come to this block. Perhaps there is something in the air, the walls or its just the people. But history has proved and the present is still proving that HB 1 ke saare log haraami hote hai. They also have what is known in India lingo as jugaad (Haraami = the whole K Wing, the guy opposite 57).
5. Organisers Haven: All the organising people end up in this block. Hence there is a steady stream of juniors in the block.
6. Block 6 ground: Although its called Block 6 ground, Block 1 is closer to it now, owing to the change in entrance. You don't have to walk all the way to the football field to play.

This is all I can think of right now.because it is 2:40 in the morning.