Monday, April 6, 2009

Long Time, No See.

Its been 3 months (according to Blogger) since I wrote something. Life has really slowed down. I rarely go to college and 'studies' is a word that has left my dictionary. I think I've really become indifferent towards my own life and the activities that 'matter' (as parents tell us).

a) First was CAT. A bloody 97 percentile, all thanks to a little misunderstanding in a set. IIM dreams down the drain. And the idiot that I am, I didn't apply anywhere else, thinking that I shall gather some valuable 'job experience' first and then write the exam again. But the economy had other plans for me, na? Then was XAT. Repeat performance of CAT. Yet, it produced not particular reaction/effect in me.

b) Happy with my L&T job, I skipped all the other companies. But as the year passed, news from lands far and beyond brought fear to the heart of some. Not me though. I was confident that I would not get the much feared 'reject letter'.

c) I didn't get a reject letter. I got a deferment letter asking me to look for other options to "forward my career". So much for my confidence. But my reaction was still the same.

Even after several scoldings and desperate phone calls from home, I still remain the same indifferent me. Now that I'm prepared to sit almost jobless at home, I'm being forced to listen to whatever is being said to me ("You had your way in college. Look what it led to. Now you listen to us!").

All the farewells have been done with.Currently, I'm only looking forward to my last ever month in college.


Neeraj said...

Its a real void isn't it? The whole not-knowing-what-to-do-next situation. Without this slowdown/recession/downturn/any other word you want to use, the scene would have been clear-infosys (or something like it) for 2 years, sulk there too and then an MBA. Its that 2 years now that look precarious. God help the tens of thousands of engineers who will pass out in a short while.

The Ice Man said...

Hey, why such a depressing blog entry. There are a lot of us on board the same boat. As they say there will be light at the end of the tunnel, just persevere. Guys like you will not go down 'mediocrity lane'... so don't worry.

SSD said...

Its not exactly depressing. It's indifferent.

Vasavadatta said...

The fact that you bothered to write about this doesn't exactly qualify as "indifferent", you know?
Ah! Elusive offer letter! Only God knoweth when thine hallowed path shalt cross ours...
Don't get bogged down, though. Keep the faith in yourself and things shall sort themselves out.