Sunday, August 9, 2009

Da Datar and Dukki Diaries # 1

For starters, there have been and will always be interesting anecdotes and incidents to share when Prathamesh "Dukkar" Adhikari is around. And I'm sure there are many incidents that have not even come to light, and may not involve me in all of them. But since this is my blog, and no one else has taken the efforts to write, the name is the way it is.

Dukki is a very entertaining guy. Dukki is very nice. Dukki is resourceful. But he also has a certain factor, to which we shall attribute the letter 'K'. Now this factor, describes the bad luck that a person might have in his daily life. And he had a lot of K. I didn't, until I shifted to block 1. Here is incident number 1.

It was Aarohi time. And we had taken up the responsibility of managing two events, one a film-making competition and the other, a showcase of films. And we were roaming around, for sponsors for the event. Sample this now.

One of my other friends, has never, ever had a license (Kana, that's you) and has been driving around a car and a bike for 3 years, breaking signals with an alarming consistency. He has never had a run-in with the police. I have never been stopped by a policeman for anything (though I usually have all documents). Dukki on the other hand, has an infamous track record, for having been stopped by a policeman the maximum no. of times ever in VNIT history. We were on Bhatt's bike, at 3:30 in the afternoon, at the Bajaj Nagar square signal coming from Shankar Nagar petrol pump. It is a square where no one ever follows the signal. And it was a Sunday. Here is what happened.

Me: Arey yaar, red signal. Fir rukna padega.

Dukki: Kyun rukne ka. Abhi kaun pakdega, dopahar ko. Saare policewale so gaye honge.

Me: Abey, ruk ja. Thodi hi der hai.

Dukki: Kuch nahi hoga, be. Chal.

He drives the bike at full rev and takes a right, towards the Bajaj Nagar gate. And we foolishly drive straight at a smiling policeman, who with his outstretched hands, signalled for us to stop.

Me: &*&@*@)!(@_#@#%, dekha?

Dukki (with the confidence of Michael Phelps): Arre, chinta mat kar. Main dekhta hoon
Kaka, chuk zhali majhi.

Policeman 1: Hindi main bolo. Signal toda na?

Dukki (shocked, and not knowing what to say): Umm..

Me: Bhaiyya, humein signal dikha nahi......Hum....

Policeman mamu 2 (on seeing two wonderful scapegoats): Tumhi kasa sutla? Tumcha signal tar "raid" ahe.

Dukki (with the most innocent face he could conjure, but ended up looking constipated): Kaka, soda na aamhala. Amhi ghaait aho. Please.....

Mamu: Tumahala sarkhi ghai aste na. Tumha tarun lokana mothi bike milali ki speed pakdaychich na? Chala ata fine bhara.

Dukki: Kaka, paise naahi. Fakt shambhar rupaiye.

Mamu: Ho. Chalel na. Tu Marathit bolla mhanunach mee tula sodtoy.

Dukki (turning towards me): Datar, nikaal na. Baad mein deta hoon.

I fished out the hundred bucks, and we left in a hurry.

Dukki: Sahi yaar, saste mein chhoot gaye.

Me (with the most sarcastic tone I could produce): Haan, haan. Nahi to bhagwaan jane kya hota.

And that was how it all started. More to come soon. Dukki, tera khulasa ho raha hai. Wait and watch.


Digant Trivedi said...

dude, good dat u included some marathi in it.. all english is dukkis weak point.. lol... nice 1 though.. n u did temme bout it..

Nikki said...

Lol. Nice write up. Waiting for more to come!

IcE MaiDeN said...

hahhaahahaah!!!! tooo good!! :P :D

btw this is a frnd of teh onfamous dukki from junior college. I hav a few instances to share :

Dukki, was supposed to be in the G1 (or G3... i dnt really rem) batch of the computers class. in college we had compsci and tronix ppl sitting togethr in one huge class. Now this dukki character was absent for a few weeks during the practical sessions, and one fine day just decided to walk in. his "supposed" place was occupied by this tomboyish girl called priyanka, and she gave him one look up and down and said "who u?". Dukki stammered/ogled/muttered "i was nt existing before today. Now im existing. this is my place" :| :D LMAOO!!! everyone burts out, almost rofling, and that led to us all becoming frnds. :)

actually there are more stories. :P :D but im sure he will kill me if i reveal anymore. :P (psssttt... stories involving girls :P :D)


ankan said...

nice one.. datar... still remember the K wing...