Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goodbye, Bajaj Nagar Road!

I haven’t quite gotten over the shock that took me when I went back to VNIT. The whole face of the institute has changed.

1. Gone is the continuous buzz that marked the library area, which now resembles a crematorium. I’m not exaggerating. The digital library is finally operational (has to be, since we have left the campus). The Nescafe was totally empty, apart from us fools.

2. To make it even worse, there was the Freshers’ Nite being organised, which in our days meant a huge thing. People rushed from place to place, checking out (girls) and also the auditions. I for one, have always been a part of music auditions (though not actively) for all the four years. Even the music seems to be lost somewhere, what with the new SAC and a lack of proper talent (or at least none have come forward yet).

The function started on time, irrespective of the fact that half the hall was empty.

3. Fashion show is still the same, with the 2nd years advising the freshies on how to strut their stuff (or the lack of it). I overheard a very enthusiastic 2nd year saying, “Attitude! Show it! You rule the stage! Lemme see you own the stage!”

Though his zeal was certainly one to garner appreciation, the end result itself was so disappointing that the whole point was lost. I’m sorry but the show was a real downer. There is an excuse though, since it was on really short notice (3 days), thanks to Mr. “You know what I did in IIT Chennai”. What was put up on such short notice was commendable.

4. Skits and dramas are still made in the MTV style spoofs. Nothing new there too.

5. Dances were the only thing that, to my untrained eye, seemed on the same level as the previous years. A positive there.

6. Swine flu is the most (ab) used reason for cancelling/postponing any event, from what I have heard. Janmashtami pooja happened, with almost 500 people turning up for it. But of course, where there is the lord, there can’t possibly be swine flu, right?

7. DG is going on as I write this (according to original plans). Ganeshotsav cult night is scheduled somewhere in October.

8. Axis is due on 23 Oct, postponed again, due to swine flu. Accommodation isn’t part of the plan apparently, for outstation participants, since VNIT is a premium destination. (“Why do you worry about their accommodation? They will arrange for it themselves.”)

9. Block 1, the most happening block on campus, is now officially dead, due to the same reason. K Wing is now “Khatara Wing”.

10. There is a serious consideration of introducing an in-time on campus. That is an official farewell to dhaba trips and night outs. I think it’ll be around 11 pm.

11. GH still has an in-time of 8:30, which I expected to be around six.

12. The freshers are the new kings on campus and not the final years. They have been given full freedom to complain against whomever they feel like. Some rustication (hostel, college) will immediately follow. According to official sources, “Yeh naya batch problem dene wala hai.” Ragging is an unspeakable word. Mention it and an HR is confirmed. There is zero interaction between juniors and seniors.

As Basu said, “Yaar college to change ho gaya. Sab dude log aa gaye, piercing aur tattoo wale.” One more year Basu, and people shall not even know who you are and what Vighn was.

13. QPC is dying a slow death, according to another source. Another one bites the dust, I guess. Keshav, Vinny, Amar, Ronojoy, Sidharth, Mainak, Muffy, Andy, Big B, Lil B, Kana, YTV, Dick, Sax, Ojha, Dharini, Piraan. The legacy hopefully will somehow continue. Sorry if I have missed some names.

14. The only clubs left active are Prayaas, EO (to some extent) and of course, Club Capture. CC to will soon be defunct in two years, according to my prediction. Let us hope I’m proved wrong.

15. Torrents have been blocked. There is a mallu hub on DC, which provides visual relief :)

16. The canteen is being rebuilt, so the sitting area with the conical roof (the place for all meetings) has been demolished. Chandrama is getting some more seating, the kind you see in gardens with umbrella tops.

The most painful part for all of us was when we were on campus. We wanted to relive our moments in those three days, but we were to be disappointed. As one of us said, “Yaar, college chhod ke kahin bhi chalo. Yahan nahi rehna ab.

I literally have nothing to do with VNIT now, except for the degree which I will be “awarded” by post.

This isn’t how they do it in IIT Chennai.


IcE MaiDeN said...

This is so unlike our (me n my frnds who had flown in from teh various IIMs n taken breaks frm jobs etc) visit to VJTI last weekend...

We were not just overcome with emotion about spending the best four years of our lives there, but we also sat in the middle of the quadrangle and sat and went over some of our craziest moments...

Its still pretty much the same I guess, the corridors, the basketball court, canteen, hub etc etc.. But we all were glad we took out that one day to just sit there... n talk..

Its weird how you guys dont seem to miss it as much as we miss our college..


SSD said...

Well, I guess when the very reasons for which you liked the Insti dont exist anymore, there's no reason to miss it anymore.

Estranged Strangely said...

You missed an important occurrence in your life during the said three days.

Apart from that, well written post expressing the collective angst and shame that comes with being a 2009 pass out from VNIT.

Aggie M said...

this sucks even worse since we are here and everything is bewilderingly sad this sem.
This was in my head and you've just put it down so well.

rvnd said...

I was there a week before. I need not say more.

Vasavadatta said...

You're right, SSD.

One doesn't even want to start feeling nostalgic. It hurts.

And its a really sad thing that what was perhaps the last batch of VNIT with some modicum of a positive quantity of awesomeness will not have a convocation.

A vast majority of us will never be awarded a degree. This sucks.

Vinny was telling me about his reunion, and the quiz that he and the K-man tried to conduct. Gone are the QPC days was what he felt too.

Damn it all.

Nikhil Wagle said...

i dint knw VNIT has degraded so much man...may be thats why the Director is feeling guilty to hold the convocation...

SSD said...

@Wagle The degradation is in terms of the atmosphere in general. And its not just me who feels so (in case anyone thought it was a crtics' view). even present students are saying so.

Narayanan (Nada!!) said...

there are many points which have left me feeling disgusted about this post.

I still feel good about VNIT but ur evaluation is extremely lopsided. U want time to stand still and u want to see excitement. Agreed.

But ur a visitor. How do u kno people dont have thier own Pungi and bhasad at a very different level. U have underestiate dthe capacity of people to enjoi themselves. It is possible that u may not have enjoyed visiting VNIT but it is wrong to say that VNIT is dead. This is because u cannot percieve or appreciate change unless ur a part of the lifetyle in a place. even living in VNIT for 100 years doent qualify u to comment on the status of life as u now lead a disgruntled lonely lifestyle.

I just feel u need perspective. It is possible that u missed all the action and ur juniors are cribbing abt the bad things in life. That is human nature - to complain. I still think if one has to lead an exciting life it is upto him and his frineds cicle

SSD said...


Maybe your right. Disgruntled and lonely? Don't think so. I meet my VNIT friends almost every week.