Monday, November 16, 2009

Cakewalk it is?

After a long time, this one’s going to be short (and thus my post is now the official the entry for the worst blogpost of 2009).

Having seen the latest ad in the ongoing telecom war to win the “We are the cheapest, come to us” award, Aircel has released this ad.

When I saw the ad, I did the most common thing any guy does. I googled aircel ad girl hot pics “aircel ad pay per second model”. That was when I was led to Sudeepa Singh.

Of course when you type her name in Google, you will also get this.

Firstly, the girl is uber – cute (as seen in the ad). The way she twinkles her eyes and smiles mischievously will convince even the guy at the bottom to give her a small 2 kilogram slice. Heck, I would have given her the whole cake for free (or perhaps I would have liked to be on the other side, as her ‘friend with benefits’. I mean the cake (What else were you thinking, you dirty person)?

Just think for a minute or so. If you could get her to walk in to all the shops at Bandra during Christmas, you’d be having yourself a sweet, sweet December. But alas, life isn’t so sweet. I don’t know her and no female friend of mine will do the same thing for me because they all have jobs and a life! I, meanwhile, am stuck in limbo, watching the same girl walk away with the damn cake every time Balika Vadhu MTV Rock On go for a commercial.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


hungarianhorror said...

nowadays, i get to see Indian ads only when i stream cricket matches!!.. anyways.. remember this ad?!

one of my favourites :)

SSD said...

Yes I remember. I like the Hrithik ad too. Very good concept.

But Reliance = chor company! Ironically, their name is "Reliance".

Nikki said...

I think I know her! :P

SSD said...

Know whom? Sudeepa?

Neeraj said...

kind of off topic but Sudeepa strikes me as a very unpleasant name :|