Sunday, January 10, 2010

Da Datar and Dukki Diaries # 4 - Coffee and Paarsa

My exams are finally over. I don’t quite have any idea how they went, since I sincerely followed the ritual of going to the centre, observing people, taking the test, and going back home and tossing the question paper away like it was infested with swine flu.

I sometimes have these emotional (Yes, it’s possible with me too!) flashback moments. The memories generally pertain to college, um sorry, institute, no wait, college incidents, random events, films, ads and anything which reminds me of the past, and allows me to wile away my time at office after I’ve read Pearls, SMBC, Dilbert, Whatay, Greatbong, Krishashok, Flyyoufools, and any other online resource that makes me laugh.

What I like at JAM is that it gave me chance to discover Mumbai and it’s college life in a way I’ve never experienced before, since I never ventured out of Thane (except for my weekly doses of full body rubs in the 2nd class compartment, when I went for IIT tuitions). For example, when I’d gone to Mithibai, I expected ‘kem chho, majaa maa’ and ‘dhokla faafra’ type of crowds. Call it my ignorance, but that’s what I thought. Of course, some did belong to the above category too, and common sense and intelligence levels perilously skirted sub zero levels, something which I’m not used to (as I told someone recently *wink*). But what I’ve found is that the comfort level that the two genders share is much more than that at VNIT, where getting a phone call from a girl is met with (some) gleeful comments like ‘Wah beta, lage raho!’ or ‘Kiska phone hai bhai? Humein bhi bataoo’. While I bulldozed my way in to the concert (Media entry, ‘sir’!), I heard a girl talking to a guy saying, “Abey tu ladkiyon se itna darta kyon hai? Jaa bata de usko! Khaa thodi jayegi.

Which is when Dukki and his exploits come up.

Incident 1:

Dukki and Kana are in the canteen. A group of day scholar girls shows up. Kana shifts gear to ‘hero’ mode.

Girl 1 (Swati I think?): Kya Kana, hamesha canteen mein hi rehta hai. Class nahi hoti kya?

Swati, tera class nahi hai? Electronics people are known for being everywhere on campus except for class. I’ve been sleeping in my room for most of my morning lectures. Tanmay was always jealous, “Saale, tere prof attendance kyon nahi lete? Humein hi kyon class jaana padta hai.

Abey tu class kab gaya, Tanmay?

Kana: *Insert long speech here with words virtually unheard by anyone*

Swati: Tera band contest ka kya hua?

Kana: *Insert information about bands whose albums have never been heard by anyone except Octaves members*

Dukki gets his coffee, and might have been staring at Girl 2 (Attention!). Kana notices and decides not to let go of opportunity.

Kana: Girl 2, Prathamesh tereko taap raha hai.

Dukki spills his coffee all over his pants, out of sheer shock.

Incident 2:

Dukki, Kana, Tanmay and Bali have all gotten into the organising committee for the management event at Axis, since there was a certain Kashmiri presence in it. Dukki has completely forgotten that he is the core committee member and isn’t supposed to be in the committee, but where there is Kashmir, there is Dukki.

Most meetings, my sources tell me, were spent in the game of one-upmanship being played by Kana, Tanmay and Dukki. Of course, Kana is known for his loud and brash mannerisms and Tanmay tries to counter any word being spoken. Dukki, with his occasional flashes of brilliances, pitches in.

Meeting is on. The plan is to come up with problem statement.

Kashmiri Presence: Let’s have a weird product and ask for a marketing strategy for it.

Dukki: Yes, yes. What product though?

Kana: See, it has to be something not everyone uses………

Someone: How about a paarsa (power saw)?

Kana: Yes. Brilliant!

Tanmay: Haan. Paarsa will do.

Juniors: Yes, ma’am. Paarsa is great.

Dukki (has absolutely no clue as to what it is): It’s a very good idea. We can certainly work on it. We should set a deadling. Tell you what, Sh****a, let us start……..

Someone else: Yeh ‘paarsa’ kya hai?

Dukki, Kana and Tanmay all look completely puzzled and have no clue.

Someone: Arre, power saw, aari.

Dukki: Oh……. Paawar sow. Hat! Kuch bhi kya product hai.

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Vivek Kumar said...

lol....@ Paarsa and the effects of kashmiri presence...

Mufaddal said...


the truth the whole truth any nothing but.

Pearls rocks me boat too - chk out luke surl

keep the writing coming :) me needs to restart .. dunno how many times

Nikita Banerjee said...
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SSD said...
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anand said...

amazin yaar...totally can co-relate any incident in our day-to-day lives to dukkis! :P

swati nidiganti said...

I am wondering how all incidents related to Dukker's life manage to entertain us!!

Ankush said...

awesome.... haha

Umesh Sivamani Kumar said...

keep spilling more beans..we want more.....