Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ek Diplomat?

It's been a really long time, but SO MUCH has been happening in the past month, that I haven't gotten any time to adjust to the changes.

1. I got shortlisted for XLRI's PMIR programme (and got rejected by a few others). It's the flagship course and most people would love to do it. But I can't find a single DAMN reason to pursue a career in HR. And it doesn't really help when everyone around is going around saying, 'HR is useless". In fact, one person suggested that I pursue HR because 'kuchh bhi kaam nahi hota. Poora din net surf karna, comics padhna, aur shaam ko 5 baje ghar jaana.'

2. I've been getting drilled in the mock PIs. They can't find a reason as to why I would fit or want to do a PMIR course. Neither can I. And every damn person has the same reason to do an MBA: analytical, good with people. I think one can just record a tape and play it for the interviewers and they wouldn't even notice.

3. GDs turn people into animals. Everyone wants a share of the meat, and no one is intelligent enough to understand that if you do it in a civilised manner, everyone would have their, erm, moment in the sun. And GD is just about 'bringing in a new perspective'. No concrete conclusion. Just truckloads of opinions. For example, if you're discussing expansion, you could 'take someone's point forward' (I hate those phrases now) and throw in a reference about Pamela Anderson and her surgical enhancements which expanded her, um, horizon and you could win some points for originality. And people will not interrupt when you speak up next time because you might just end up bringing another new point. At the end of the day, it is just a clash of egos, me thinks.

4. About the, ahem, letter, lot has been said and done. I've learnt two things. Perspective. And opinions. People will always have them, and it is up to you to imbibe them or chuck them aside. You should do both. But it was a learning experience. So no regrets!

5. GMail blocks people after they send 500 emails a day. I think most of you found this out at your own cost. I did too :)