Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kuch Khaas Hai

I'm sort of an advertising fan. Somehow, I always liked advertising, and I have a lot of sentimental value for old ads, and some good new ads. Older ads somehow seemed more genuine, and were definitely simpler. 

People did this:

And now this: 

The Cadbury's one is really touching. The jingle is sweet, the music is simple, yet brilliant and Shankar Mahadevan is just magical. I get goosebumps every time I watch the ad on YouTube. Ogilvy somehow manages to touch the nerves of Indians on a regular basis (they're the guys responsible for Fevicol, Vodafone and the awesomely funny Bingo ads).

Dish TV? Not so much. Masquerading as a medium to get an adopted girl to cope with the sudden change in her life, is a bit of a stretch. Call me cynical, but somehow it just doesn't fit.

Random post is over.

PS: How many of you recognised the girl in the bus from the Cadbury's ad?