Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rarest of the rare...

The city of Mumbai is in turmoil yet again. And this time, it's twin troubles. First, Ajmal Kasab's punishment is due any minute now. You can imagine how the news channels are behaving. Having heard the 'rarest of the rare' practically on every channel, I wonder if they all read out a script with a few keywords thrown in. I'm watching Hindi more than English channels, because somehow they seem to be more ahead on the news. Yes, that's right.

Somehow I have the feeling that he will be sentenced to death, and since he has one mercy appeal left, he will do so, and the case will drag on yet again. And people will eventually forget about it and move on. Sad it is. 

Forgive me for being so um, pessimistic, but this has happened before. And there is also this. And the human rights people have NOTHING to say this time. I wonder what kind of human rights they propagate, when the criminal has killed so many people. What about the rights of the people who were slaughtered? This is Kalyug, as our scriptures say, and you must pay for your sins in this birth itself. 

I'm sounding like a spiritual guru. In a lighter vein, there is this. The motormen strike has brought the city to a halt. In fact, Deputy CM RR Patil is busy negotiating with the striking motormen and couldn't attend the trial of the most important case in the country. The proceedings were delayed since both the prosecution and defence were stuck in a traffic jam!

Mumbai is strange.