Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ogilvy & Datar

Goodbye journalism. Yep. I've been sold. No, not like a slave (yet), but I'm moving on to advertising. Yes, I'm joining Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. Yes, I will be writing ads. Yes, you can blame me for ruining your reading and (eventually) watching experience. I couldn't care less though. I'm being paid to wile away my time thinking of random ideas, which will hopefully turn into good concepts to sell products successfully.  

Most people love advertising because their work is seen everywhere by everyone. I somehow will take pride in the fact that my work will also help someone hold their bhel. Or to cover someone's textbooks, or clean someone's dusty table. I myself have used ads from newspapers and magazines (over which the writers/art directors might have spent sleepless nights) to clean the monitor and keyboard at my office. Of course, it will also serve its true purpose of communicating important information (*tries not to laugh*), but there are incentives. Like meeting Deepika (*starts praying for the day to arrive soon*) and boasting to Bali about it. Of course, I've met/talked to my share of stars during JAM. Priyanka Chopra (2nd on the list after Deepika), Amit Trivedi, Paul Gilbert, Indian Ocean, Warren Mendonsa, Prachi Desai. Those are the ones I care about. No, not Prachi Desai. Don't remember the rest. 

Downside? The office is in Goregaon. What a wonderful time I'm going to have travelling from Thane to Goregaon every day, since erratic timings in advertising are as natural as flops to Tusshar Kapoor. I'm thinking of persuading dad to pay for my petrol so that I can take the car. Bike is out of question. Parents refused flatly. ("No bike, nothing doing. It is so far, and there is so much traffic!) Yes, I can finally drive the car (without damaging it). And I have the perfect excuse to ask for money, "Advertising pays so less, appa!"

For those who don't know, Ogilvy & Mather have done the Vodafone Pug/ZooZoo, Fevicol, Cadbury, Economist, Tata Sky commercials. Hopefully, I will be able to churn out decent stuff. I can't say I'm not scared. What if my ideas turn out to be bad? What if I can't think at all? These questions haunt me. But I guess there's no answering them until I go there.

PS: I might not be able to update this space as regularly as before. You know, with work and all. I will surely have stories to tell though. You can be DEADSURE of that. Will try and do whatever I can. 

I still have a lot of stuff pending.

1. My PAN card perished when I went to Delhi. I had to show it at the airport for identification, and when I took it out, my photo was all mutilated. The policeman said, "Oh yeh nahi chalega ji. Isme toh kuchh dikh hi nahi raha hai," following which I had to show my driver's license with its geeky photograph. PAN card needs to be remade.

2. Sitting at home without any exercise has added to my girth. I let my gym membership expire. Last time I went their was before Diwali. It closed down for a couple of days, but I've been giving myself the excuse for more than 8 months. So the body needs some exercise. I've been cleverly concealing it with appropriate clothing. Someone please come and play some football with me!

3. I want to re-read Hitchhikers'... The last time I read it was in an ebook format, as I didn't have the money to buy the expensive copy. Not that financial matters have changed a lot (or will be changing soon, for that matter), but I think I'll squander away some of my blood, sweat and tears for it. Anything for a puff of logic!

4. Have to watch some movies left over on the computer. I got hold of some episodes of Family Guy. It's not that great as I thought it was. The writers can't maintain consistency. 

5. Catch up with some friends, and call some. I have been using the 'sorting things out' excuse for quite some time. I promise I won't do it again. 

Until next time. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello, hello

Hello blog. We haven't interacted for a long time, have we? You must be missing me no? Maybe there is too much going on in my life now. Please forgive me. I promise to write more. Or maybe it's because I read this article. Or maybe it's because someone just gave me a kind warning about what to write online. Or maybe it's because the FIFA WC is on.

I don't know, but after reading the article, I'm kind of wary of what I write. And of course, what I show to people on Facebook. Anyways, it's time you stop trusting social networking sites, and customise your privacy settings. Ironic though it may be, since you're on the site for networking purposes, you never know when you let go off steam somewhere and it comes back to haunt you .

I'm going to be very careful from now on. Very.