Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Someone tell me what to write here!

So you can see that I can't quite come up with anything to write. CWG is just too boring. And most of the Kalmadi jokes have been done with. Otherwise, life has been pretty nice. Work has been going on well, and I've recently bought a whole new set of books from the book exhibition. I plan to read and finish it all very soon. Now you're already thinking of closing the page :)

I recently attended an office party. It was pretty good - I had a lot of fun. It's good to see the "un-office" part of people once in a while. I got introduced to the whole team, and met some new people who I wouldn't have spoken to, otherwise. We have his grandson in the team as an art director ( I suppose). Poor guy got his leg pulled a lot, and had to put up with a lot of jokes. To be fair, he took it all in his stride (it seemed to me at least).

In other news, the Indian media "Paid news" scandal just got brushed under the carpet. Read P Sainath's article here. The original report had named the culprits, but the PCI decided to modify the report two days before it was to be released (or something of that sort). 

Don't know that paid news is? Some links for thee. Google the rest, and enjoy!

Link 2

The published report is on presstalk.blogspot.com for those who are interested.

Some days, I'm just afraid of what to believe and what not to on TV and in newspapers. I've stopped reading the newspaper all together. I just skim through the headlines and read some stuff online. ToI is just hopeless (more news, but ridiculous reporting), HT has nothing except blue colour and big font, and DNA is well, not for my DNA. I do read the sports and edit page religiously though (even if it is Chetan Bhagat).

Hmm, all that apart, how many of you filled in your mobile numbers for the 'backup security' option that Google asked for? Nice way of accumulating a database for the advertiser network no? Google is very smart. With their sweet talk, they bully the people into doing what they what it wants, and the people don't even realise it. I think Google's monopoly is going too far, and is going to hit back at us one day. Same with Apple. 

Bah, I sound like an old grandpa cooking up conspiracy theories. What about you? How have you been? Tell me your stories, please. I want to know. Comments section open :)


kartik said...

news is now more about what not to believe....it's discouraging and scary....and yes google and apple are too big for our good.....im just glad their "cool" vibe is wearing off like Microsoft's did a long time ago....

Vinyith said...

i am astounded to read such a thing about Paid news and our country's media.Really disturbing Why not??Reality and truth have always been so...Thanks to ur blog.