Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vital Lessons # 1

As mentioned in the previous post, there has been a lot of knowledge that has been imbibed during the last one and a half years on the job. Here are a few pointers.

1. 'Mango' is not a stationery store. Rather it's not only a stationery store. When I was at JAM, we'd got an invite for a store inauguration at Phoenix. My colleagues, knowing that I'm like Sarah Palin or Lalit Bhanot when it comes to fashion, asked me if I'd go to the event. "Why would we want to cover a stationery store?" I asked. A million gasps, shocked faces, subsequent laughter (and me trying to forget I ever said such a thing) later, I was told that Mango is a fashion store. Google told me that it was "fashion for the young, urban woman." Hey, where I come from, Mango is also a stationery store.

2. Zara is not Preity Zinta's name in that YRF film. Well not only that. Fashion came to haunt me yet again. When I confessed that I had no clue what Zara was, and there was a collective gasp that can only be matched by a stadium when Sachin Tendulkar is dismissed. Apparently, I still had a lot to learn. 

3. Global Fusion is not a genre of music. It is also a restaurant in Bandra somewhere. Though I've never been there, the reviews tell me it's an awesome place to go. Unlimited food, desserts, soft drinks. In my defence, Thane to Bandra is way too weird to travel, and I'm lazy too. I'm going there soon. 

4. Jimmy Choo is not an expletive cut short. Neither is it a safe way to hurl abuses at Jimmy (No, not even when it is this.) It's an uber-expensive fashion store (shoes, handbags and the likes). The shoes are supposedly hand-made, and the store was started by a Malaysian-born designer of the same name. The shoes are terribly expensive, and if your girl, or someone you know wants to buy it, you might have to sell or lease your house to buy it. The website tells me the shoes are around 500 euros on an average. That is around 35k. I've seen only one store at Nariman Point. Note, I've seen only one. That does not mean it is the only one. 

PS: I only saw Inception three weeks ago. Yes, you can all stare at me in shock. I missed it in the theatres, and I'm sure it would have been ten times better there. Anyway, it's a pretty good film (Captain Obvious!).

Nothing more. You tell. What's up on your end? Someone tapped your phones lately? 


fatbaby said...

INCEPTION!!!! Gasp!!!!

Grace Personified said...

I derive great pleasure in informing you that I have broken your Inception record by not managing to watch it yet :P

Really? You hadn't even heard of Jimmy Choo! What world do you live in?! Matlab Sex and the City bhi nahi dekha kabhi :P

SSD said...

@fatbaby Haan yaar. Uss din miss hone ke baad dekh hi nahi paya.

@Grace No. NO SATC as well :P
You should watch Inception though. Very nice film.

Mona said...

I haven't watched Inception yet, but I've seen all episodes of Sex and the City :D