Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seen and Heard

Almost two months. I'm completely stuck on what to write here. I don't think I qualify for the term writers' block, since that usually involves people who have written at least 200 pages worth of reading material (key word is 'worth'). Talking about reading material, I've bought quite a few books, and have a lot of reading to catch up on.

I finished a book called The Indian Clerk  by Stephen Leavitt some time back. It's the story of Srinivasa Ramanujam and GH Hardy, told through the eyes of the British mathematician. The book traces the relationship of the pair, right from the day Ramanujan wrote a letter to Hardy, asking him to take a look at some formulae he'd been working on to the day Ramanujan leaves Hardy and Cambridge forever. The author has taken creative liberties in creating characters and situations, but the gist of the story remains mostly true to history. What is interesting is that it also explores the elite English society and their opinions of the First World War. Famous names - D.H Lawrence, Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russell (who according to the author, was brilliant but had foul mouth odour) are mentioned in passing. 

What I saw was a good glimpse of the genius that was Ramanujan. Most people only know Ramanujan as "that south Indian guy who was good at maths and died early." The book tells you why he was so (although in a much romanticised manner). For math geeks, this book should  be a good read. It is a bit long (500 pages) and there are tedious portions which you tend to skip. The author is gay, so almost everyone seems to be gay at Cambridge (which is weird if it was true). GH Hardy comes across as a very cold person though. I loved the part about Ramanujan's mother. She's the 1920s version of the south Indian mother. Most south Indian grandmothers would be like her, only  less creepy. 

Meanwhile, TV seems to have something interesting. Koffee with Karan (yes, I watch it) seems to be the new bitching hub for the film fraternity. Ranbir Kapoor got pwned by the Sonam and Deepika. Deepika kept her cool for most, but Sonam just let it all out. She was probably shooting for Aisha when brains were being made. And not just her. Mr. Anil "I have enough hair to make a furcoat" Kapoor let out some secrets too. And then there was Kareena Kapoor. If brains were bartered for objects, Kareena would probably only get the Ravalgaon 25p orange toffee. Or maybe half of that. Because she seems to have none. She can act well and all that jazz, but she doesn't know what she's talking about. According to her, 'quintestinal' is a word (not quintessential) and Led Zeppelin's favourite song is 'Stairway to the Moon'. Poor Saif had a hard time defending her utter stupidity. He must have thrown his guitar out of the window when he went home to vent his frustration. 

And enjoying all this is the bitch of Bollywood, Karan Johar. Sexual innuendos, fake laughter, fake kisses, and emotions that make Pamela look a hundred percent real. Karan Johar seems to have taken it upon himself to make people pour their heart out to him. Like a confession booth. Which is even more appropriate, since on every episode, he makes it a point to say at least once, that he's never been in a relationship with a woman. Maybe it's his way of coming out of the closet. And with the new Nescafe ad series, he only has to announce to the world that he's gay. Everyone probably knows it, and are just playing along. Like in Superman, when he takes off his glasses and no one can recognise that he is Clark Kent. Or Spiderman, when Peter Parker is the only person in the world who can get Spiderman's pictures. Without spycams, secret tapes, mobile MMS or anything that today's voyeur uses, mind you. And whatever happened with SRK that no one wants to be with him on the show? Ra.One? Really?
King Khan gone bust so soon? 

And for those who have been following the bullshit on media, here is some more (It's old but interesting). They issued an apology later. How can you ask Delhi for inputs on the superstar, sorry, SUPERSTAR? You can write a whole book on Rajnikanth jokes (which are copied from Chuck Norris jokes ironically). How stupid can you be to steal an article in the Internet age? No no. How insanely foolish do you have to be to copy an article on Rajni from a foreign magazine? I never did like India Today, and Outlook is just for sex surveys. The Week seems to be okay. Open seems to be the new Tehelka. They were the only one who carried the Radia tapes. Other print media followed soon. There was a media blackout for almost two weeks on the case. After Barkha Dutt and co got abuses like they give out chocolates to children, the mainstream channels and newspapers finally decided to cover it. And now it's forgotten. Almost. Like the CWG. #youremember?

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PS: Watch 127 Hours. It's excellent. Forget the Rahman mania. Watch it for the cinematography. And James Franco. The soundtrack is good, and peaks towards the end. Watch out for the last 30 minutes. Brutal.  


Umesh Sivamani Kumar said...

Good stuff after a long time. It is good to see that people still remember ravalgaon. "PINK" would have been the best choice of colour in this case as girls go crazy over the colour. In case Kareena stumbles on to your blog and reads the post, i bet she wouldn't have known that her case is bein taken. Stairway to MOON..hahaha.. and SAIF throwing away his GUitar..this particular imagination can be used for making a spoof of what happened after Koffee with Karan.

anand said...

oh i watch Koffee with Karan too..watched the bupathi-lara episode.

127 hours-wonderful sound track..real story..