Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Indian cricket is so entertaining

Not because of Virat's swashbuckling strokes. Or Dhoni's helicopter shots. Certainly not because of the creative ways in which Sachin has managed to get out before he can complete that damned century.

It is the one and only (*drumroll) Kris Srikkanth. Watch as he loses his cool during this interview. The words just seem to stumble out of his mouth, looking for something to hold on to. He can give most comedians a run for their money. A sample.

Close behind him is Arun Lal. Magnificient how he manages to bungle up. Twice. Or maybe it is a ploy by the BCCI to ruin yet another competitor. (*suppresses laughter*)

Third would be Sanjay Manjrekar. Some of his commentary gems.

He's one of the best drivers in the game. On Virat Kohli's cover drives.

Interesting that Mahela still has only 3 men outside the circle even after the bowling powerplay is over. What do you think Wasim? Is it still powerplay? Ladies and gentleman, apparently it is the batting powerplay now. We missed the umpire's signal. Somehow, that picture wasn't shown to us. That's why there are only 3 men outside the circle.

But in the end, we know who the real winner is.