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Sometimes, a film comes along that hits just the right notes. This is one of them. Barfi! is a delightful package filled with heart-warming moments. Amidst the loud cacophony of bhaigiri and khiladi dung, Anurag Basu's film stands testimony to the fact that you don't need to shout your lungs out to be heard.

The plot is not novel, to be honest. The deaf and mute Barfi is a happy-go-lucky guy who happens to fall in love with Shruti (Ileana D'Cruz). But there's something else in store for him as his childhood friend, the autistic Jhilmil, comes back to town. More than the plot, it's the lovely moments that make the film. From the fat police inspector (Sourabh Shukla, excellent as ever) chasing him around Darjeeling to Barfi and Jhilmil's relationship, you'll find yourself smiling constantly. 

And yes, there are quite a few emotional moments. What is commendable is that the director doesn't dwell too much on the disabilities. He doesn't try to extract your tears and force out the boo-hoos. They run of their own accord. (I didn't cry, but many of my friends did.) 

I couldn't believe it when I found out that Anurag Basu also made Murder and Kites. Like  Life...In a Metro, music is an integral part of the narrative. There's a band of musicians, much like Life... that is always playing in the background. Life... had a fabulous score by Pritam. That Barfi! has a marvelous soundtrack need not be said. But a special mention goes out to Kyun, in which Papon makes you get goosebumps. Not that the other songs are any less. Pritam, you don't need to copy from Korea and Arabia. We know you can produce good, original music.

The casting is perfect. Everyone plays their part well. Props to Ranbir Kapoor for what most would call a 'risky move'. He delivers a superb performance. I was quite sceptical about Priyanka after having seen her 'acting' in Fashion and Don but she manages well. She did overdo it initially but once with Ranbir, the chemistry is spot on. Ileana too manages to catch the eye. Also, she is gorgeous. My new favourite along with Parineeti. 

It was nice to see some familiar faces come back - Rupa Ganguly, Ashish Vidyarthi and a couple of others.

You know a film has worked its magic when it makes you stop being lazy and do something worthwhile. It's made me get off my lazy arse and finally buy that guitar I've been meaning to for so long.

Enough said. Watch this film. Now. 

PS: Did I mention that Ileana was amazingly beautiful?
Note: Bhaitards, watch this film to know what human emotions mean.

UPDATE: Apparently, the film is a rip-off of many foreign films and some Indian ones. Read the entire article here
Having copied from so many films, Anurag Basu can become a brand ambassador of a broadband Internet service or a DVD library. My bad.

What a bummer! 

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Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

I shall take your word for it! Read an extremely nice review of the film but the cynic in me kicked in so wasn't too sure. But now I am gonna watch it!