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kvlt Bollywood Songs

Bollywood has always been our source for music. There are many shows that tell you about the latest releases and what's currently hot and popular in Bollywood music, like Janmashtami, Ganeshotsav, Navratri etc. But what of the unsung heroes (pun intended)? What about the songs that never caught the fancy of the public because they were on an altogether different plane of understanding? As a writer (that's what I tell myself), I place a lot of value in words. And we've produced some magnificent poetry, especially in the 80s.

Presenting some truly wonderful pieces. These are some of the songs that I think should be heard, purely for their lyrical value. 

Angoor Ka Daana (Film: Sanam Bewafa)

This fruity little song is a humble request to hubby dear (or boyfriend) not to try anything, erm, strange. Notice the fine use of metaphors. Even William chacha from Stratford-upon-Avon would have been proud. 

Angoor ka daana hoon, sui na chubha dena
sui jo chubhayi to, ras tapakega
jo ras tapakega to kis mis, kis mis kis mis
kis mis ban jaaungi, angoor ka daana
angoor ka daana hoon

Batata Vada (Film: Hifazat)

The song is a testimony to the lover's pain. Love is such sweet sorrow, that to get over the melancholy, he eats batata vada instead of drinking himself to death like a Bengali. 

Batata vada ho batata vada,
pyar nahi karna tha, karna pada

Telephone Dhun (Film: Hindustani)

Kamal Hassan is completely befuddled as to what Manisha Koirala really is. Is she an Australian fish he can devour? Or is she a tabla he can play like Zakirsaab. The wily minx is a shape shifter, it seems. And she can sing in a telephonic voice? I think Kamal Hassan called a phone-sex line by mistake. Notice the line after 'Brahma ne rachaya kya.'

Telephone dhun mein hasne wali, Melbourne macchli machalne wali, 
Digital mein sur hai tarasha, Madonna hai ya Natasha,
Zakir Hussain tabla tu hai kya?
Sona Sona Tera chamke roop salona, Cellular phone tum toh hona. Computer ko lekar, Brahma ne rachaya kya?...
Teri galiyon mein koyi mard na chhoduunga aurat bhi na chhoduunga...

Ooi Amma (Film: Mawaali)

The age-old question (How do I look in this?). Asked by Jaya Prada, answered in stellar fashion by Jeetendra. Which other country can boast of a Member of Parliament whose resume has something like this? 

Also, very similar to Ooh La La from The Dirty Picture. 

Ooi amma ooi amma mushkil ye kya ho gayi
mere badan mein toofaan utha to saadi hava ho gayi
ooi amma ooi amma mushkil... 

Mama Miya Pom Pom (Film: Justice Chaudhary)

Another metaphorical masterpiece. Love is being compared to a car and there is a request to increase the speed so that the limit can be tested. 

Pom pom, hey mama miya mama miya
pyar ki gaadi tez chalaon, accelerator aur dabaaon
prem gali mein mode bahut hain, dekho dil ke tod bahut hain
rasta mudd jaane wala hain, main road aane wala hain
stop, love, love (mama miya pom pom - 2)

Gutur Gutur (Film: Dalaal)

Meet the evil cousin of Kabootar Ja Ja Ja.

Gutur gutur (4) are chadh gaya oopar re
atariya pe lotan kabootar re
gutur gutur… 

You Are My Chicken Fry (Film: Rock Dancer)

Years before Tandoori Nights, Bappi Da's team shattered all norms and entered culinary terrain. 
The song also features samosa, masala dosa, sarson ka saag, makke ki roti, chocolate, cutlet, tandoori, roshogulla, rasmalai 

Also, only a Mithunda film can be called 'Rock Dancer'. *bows* 

You are my chicken fry, you are my fish fry
kabhii naa kehnaa kudiye, bye bye bye

Ranaji Maaf Karna (Film: Karan Arjun)

The song is Mamta Kulkarni’s way of apologising to her Ranaji, because she mistook her brother-in-law for him. The writer uses an interesting Q & A instrument to describe the fiasco. Hark, hark.

Laamba laamba ghoonghat, kaahe ko daala
Kya kaheen kar aayi tu munh kaala re
Kaanon mein batiyaan karti hain sakhiyaan
Raat kiya re tune kaisa ghotaala....
Chhat pe soya tha behnoi, main tanne samajh kar so gayi
Mujhko raana ji maaf karna, galti maare se ho gayi

Gale Mein Laal Tie (Film: Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam)

Bhai ko jab thandi lagti hai, toh woh tie pehente hain. This sentence makes as much sense as his films. Par bhai ne ek baar keh diya, toh keh diya. So you better listen.

Gale mein laal tie, ghar mein ek char pai
Takiya ek hai aur hum do, ek hi hai razaie
Sardi kaisi jaayegi, kaho kaise humein neend aayegi…
Gale mein laal tie ghar mein ek char pai
Takiye ki fiker na kar banunga main khud razaie
Gale se lagaloonga oh tose coffee pila doonga…

Raja Chalo Akele Mein (Film: Rajaji)

Who would've thought of a barn as a romantic getaway? This is Raveena Tandon’s invitation to Govinda to accompany her to the barn, because she has made entertainment arrangements. Acoustics have been taken care of; even the buffaloes have been positioned to let the quality of sound remain at optimum levels. 

Raja chalo akele mein
baj gaya tabla tabele mein… 

Kal Saiyyan Ne Aisi Bowling Ki (Film: Vijaypath)

Cricket, Bollywood. A heady concoction that the entire nation loves. This is a ball-by-ball description of a 'cricket match' between a wife and a husband. Playing sports is a very healthy way to keep fit, right?  Also, check out the cool shades.

Kal saiyyan ne aisi bowling kari ek over bhi main khel paayi nahi
chouthe hi gend mein out huyi, paanchva gend main jhel payi nahi 

Ek Aankh Maarun (Film: Tohfa)

The song describes the power of his wink. Jeetendra is the superhero here who can conquer the world, with a wink of an eye. 

Ek aankh marun toh parda hatt jaaye
dooji aankh marun kaleja kat jaaye
dono aankhein marun toh chhori patt jaaye, chorri pat jaaye

Dilli Ki Sardi (Film: Zameen)

This song is a very informative description of Delhi winters. Who needs the Met department when you have experienced Bollywood hands telling you the weather?

Tadpaaye tarsaaye re, tadpaaye tarsaaye re
Saari raat jagaaye re, pyaar teraa, Dilli ki sardi
Kohraa kohraa chaaye re, ye dil dhadkaa jaaye re
Pyaar teraa, Dilli ki sardi…

These are some songs that I discovered and have heard. This is by no means, an exhaustive list. Please feel free to add yours to the comments.

This originally appeared as a shorter article in JAM (Just Another Magazine) in 2009, which can be found here.

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